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LYHME Community Store

Hey There! Welcome to the official LYHME Community Store.
Select above from one of the categories that interest you! Side note: our ranks cost a one-time fee and are lifetime.   

Do you have any questions before you checkout? OR have you waited longer than 5 minutes and still haven't recieved what you purchased? Join our discord today, you can open a billing ticket via the #help text-channel. To get the assistances or for payment support you need!
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All payments to our store are non-refundable.
Choosing to do a chargeback will result in a ban across all our servers!

Please note: It could take up to 2-30 minutes for what you purchased to show up in-game. If you still haven't recieved what you purchased please open a billing ticket in our discord with proof of purchase. 

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LYHME, Inc. is not affiliated with Unturned, Smartly Dressed Games. Unturned is © Smartly Dressed Games 2014-2019.

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